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What's up, Doc?

               Every 3-6 months I have the honor of subjecting myself to the government healthcare system – the infamous VA. Like most things, there are good and bad people working for the VA, but it’s a grossly overburdened and broken system – I digress. What makes my VA appointments interesting is…

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In Defense of GPP

               “Is this part of that color thingy?” “What’s the point in this?”  I get some form of those two questions every time we test for General Physical Preparedness (GPP). Well, as a wise man (Mike Brady on “The Brady Bunch”) once said, “Wherever you go – there you are.”  Applied to physical…

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Exercising or Following a Program?

You simply cannot do it all. Not having one more hour or even half-hour to squeeze out of your day is a real thing. There was a time when I let missing a workout cause so much heartache, the added stress was as bad as missing two workouts. Now, with more than two full-time careers between me and my …

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Specializing in General Physical Preparedness

A great way to choose workouts is to base them on functional movements. Use core movements from life, found everywhere, that are built naturally into our DNA.  Squatting (sitting on the sofa), picking an object off the ground (luggage or pets), and lifting something overhead (playing with kids or pu…

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Working Out, Eating Right, and L-I-V-I-N

Our programs are designed for universal scalability, making them the perfect application for anyone regardless of experience or limitations. We scale load and intensity; we don't change methods. Resistance (weight) training can do wonders for bone density and keeping at bay the effects of osteoporos…

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When is good enough, good enough?

Getting and staying healthy can be tough.  To be physically active with so many other demands on our time takes real planning and commitment. The good news is a maximum effort is not required every day.  One thing separating champions from participants and the healthy from unhealthy is the former is…

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FREE Friends and Family Friday this week!

On Feb 26th, from 4p - until, join us for a WOD with food/drinks.  Bring any and everyone.  No participation required - just watch if you're curious about CrossFit. 

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