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When is good enough, good enough?

Getting and staying healthy can be tough.  To be physically active with so many other demands on our time takes real planning and commitment. The good news is a maximum effort is not required every day.  One thing separating champions from participants and the healthy from unhealthy is the former is willing to continually put forth some kind of attempt. In other words – a little goes a long way, but the key is consistency

Giving an all-out, maximum effort every day toward being fit can be counterproductive, particularly without any checks and balances in the form of a program and coaching. Each of us only has so much to give until there is a tipping point where we cause more harm than good to our bones and joints along with our immune and central nervous systems. However, an appropriate amount of exercise relative to our abilities can do wonders for heart and lung health, osteoporosis, and so on.  When it comes to our bodies and pain-free range-of-motion, it is often a “use it or lose it” proposition.

With the sedentary nature of modern suburban life we, as a whole, have become deconditioned.  Physical exertion of any type is unfortunately the exception in our lives. One great way to get started is by simply breaking a sweat daily. Sounds simple, right?  Think of the last time you really broke a good, soaked-to-the-bone sweat.  If it’s only been a day or two, no worries, beyond that time-frame it may be time to develop a new game plan.  

So, what’s the moral of the story? Get up and get moving! As long as you are (safely) moving, you are making progress or at least maintaining your current level of fitness.  Enjoy the process and do what you can – only you really know what your best effort looks and feels like.  Challenge yourself and enjoy the increased quality of life that comes with pushing your physical boundaries.  There is no need to devote hours daily to the pursuit; it takes less than a half hour of focused training three-to-four times a week to dramatically alter your life.  Keep attacking!

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