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Working Out, Eating Right, and L-I-V-I-N

Our programs are designed for universal scalability, making them the perfect application for anyone regardless of experience or limitations. We scale load and intensity; we don't change methods. Resistance (weight) training can do wonders for bone density and keeping at bay the effects of osteoporosis and cardiovascular work is fantastic for overall health. The needs of Olympians and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind. Everyone benefits from the ability to run, jump, throw, lift, etc. Questions are how far, what speed, and do I use resistance? These are best answered once personal goals are determined. 

Rule # 1 - Break a sweat daily.  Would you notice if you forgot to eat or feed the dog?  Doing some sort of physically demanding activity should become a habit rather than a chore.

Rule #2 - Follow a fitness program that allows you to incorporate all aspects of fitness, from cardiorespiratory endurance to strength to flexibility. All of your body parts are designed to work together. Consider your heart and lungs the engine. Flexibility is the oil that allows your body to do more for longer. These must all be in good working condition to power your body to gain strength.  But, remember to rest also. In general try not to train more than three days in a row and take no more than two days in a row off.  That cycle is tough with a standard work week, so adjust accordingly. 

Rule #3 - Clean up your diet. In general, eat foods with fewer syllables that came from a natural source, e.g. lean meats and vegetables.  Ask yourself, was this ever alive? Even if it was once alive, consider how long it’s been since then to the time it reaches your plate. Food can lose many nutrients in the preparation process while often gaining some unwanted preservatives.

I am generally reluctant to give diet advice.  For starters - my own is a constant work in progress. I will always place enjoying time with my family and friends or being a good guest and host above the need to show off my own personal commitment to health and wellness.  What I mean is, L-I-V-I-N is more important to me than that last 1/32nd of an inch on my waistline.  Of course, that means moderation is crucial. Our family is pretty disciplined about what we consume most of the time, so when the time comes for something a little more appetizing – I say bring it on.  So, let’s train hard, eat well, live long, and enjoy the company of our friends and families! 

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